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Jamie Listebarger RN, MT

Jamie graduated from St. Luke's School of Nursing in Cedar Rapids, IA in 1980; she completed her BSN at Coe College in 1982.  She spent 10 years practicing traditional nursing.  In 1993 Jamie graduated from the Carlson College of Massage Therapy in Cedar Rapids, IA and opened Light Mountain Healthworks.

Professional Highlights

  • Director of the Massage Therapy Program at Northwest Technical College from 2003-2010 which included writing the curriculum for the 1 year diploma, 2 year AAS program and the certificate program for nurse massage therapists. Both the diploma and AAS programs exceeded the requirements of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).
  • Certified in Orthopedic Massage by written exam since 2009 through the Center for Pain Management.
  • Extensive training with internationally recognized therapists including John Barnes, James Waslaski and Erik Dalton in an ongoing commitment to life-long learning.

My Story

In 1991, I had a work-related low back injury that changed the course of my life and career. I worked with a variety of healthcare practitioners with little improvement. After more than a year off work, I gained a real appreciation for the way pain can adversely affect a person's quality of life.  I discovered that pain is a very multifaceted experience. In addition to the physical symptoms of constant pain and the resulting lack of sleep, I found that being in pain had emotional consequences as well. I was unable to work or play.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to be gainfully employed or have meaningful work in the foreseeable future. I was depressed.  I felt like my whole life was headed in a downward spiral.  At wits end, I decided to try some massage and bodywork therapy. I worked with a massage therapist that did both massage and myofascial release. It was a transformational experience… on many levels!  My improvement exceeded my expectations!  I was able to return to a comfortable and productive life!

After this life changing experience, I decided to return to school to learn massage and myofascial release. Since that time, I have invested a great deal in continuing education… and I continue to do so. Increasing my knowledge base and skills is simply part of my quest for excellence.

Because of my personal experience with both acute and chronic pain, I want you to know that You Are Not Alone!  Although everyone’s experience is unique, I have a keen appreciation of what it’s like to be in pain and I’m committed to working with people who have pain and injuries. I believe that far too many people live with unnecessary pain.  Contrary to what people are frequently told, a great deal of the pain people live with is treatable. The only catch is that you have to find the cause of the pain to treat it effectively.  It’s my job to figure out if your pain is related to either an over-stretching or shortening of tissue, a trigger point, scar tissue, nerve compression or entrapment, a tissue tear, etc… or very frequently, some combination of these various types of problems.  Whatever the case, I am committed to working with you in an effort to maximize your comfort and function… and your quality of life. If I believe another provider would be able to treat your condition more effectively, I will tell you and provide a referral.

My back injury occurred many years ago but I have never forgotten what it was like. Together we can work on improving your quality of life. I encourage you to take the next step. Please contact me: phone or text at 218-368-7794 or email to

Jamie is currently back in private practice accepting both new and former clients. Please feel free to contact her if you have questions or would like additional information. If you are wondering whether massage and bodywork might be helpful for your specific situation, do not hesitate to contact Jamie by phone or text (218-368-7794), or email to

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