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Client Experiences:

About two years ago, I was facing surgery to fuse the vertebrae in my neck. This bad news came after years of chronic pain, numbness, and a variety of other symptoms.  My problems were the result of old injuries including a car accident and getting bucked off of a horse when I was young.

To get some relief from the pain as I contemplated how I could fit this major surgery into my busy life, I began working with Jamie. After three or four treatments, my pain and numbness were gone. My neck seemed much more flexible and the issues I had with my lower back and knees subsided. A quick check with my doctor confirmed that indeed there was far more flexibility then he had seen previously and the range of motion in my neck was such that surgery was no longer necessary.

Jamie’s treatment approach is practical, focused on YOU, and extremely effective! She takes time to understand the whole patient and past events that contributed to your challenges. I still see Jamie at intervals to keep everything fine-tuned and pain free. This has literally changed my life!

Bemidji, MN

I work as a farmer and mechanic and operate a saw mill.  I’ve been suffering from muscle and joint pain for several years, mostly in my hips.  I’d been taking pain medication without much luck.  I’ve been receiving treatment from Jamie at Light Mountain Healthworks and have been making steady progress.  I don’t take pain meds at all anymore. I highly recommend her methods.

J. C.
Shevlin, MN

I've been seeking treatment for my aching back due to job related injuries. I’ve seen several different chiropractors over the past ten years. I typically would need an adjustment every week or at least every other. The adjustment would temporarily relieve my pain but my back would go out again and it was back to the chiropractor.

A good friend referred me to Jamie at Light Mountain Healthworks for treatment. I made an appointment and was surprised that after leaving her office I had no pain. After the second treatment I noticed that I wasn't as sore as I normally would be after going to the chiropractor.

Now I don't need adjustments at frequent intervals. I feel like I've finally received results that last. I have recommended Jamie to family and friends. I would recommend that anyone with any type of pain give her a call; she’s done wonders for me.

Thank You Jamie!!

D. K. 
Bemidji, MN

I‘ve been receiving myofascial therapy for nerve and muscle pain with Jamie at Light Mountain Healthworks for over 2 years.

The pain I was having interfered with my daily activities.  I’m in much less pain now and have been able to go back to being the active person that I’ve always been.  My quality of life has improved considerably because of this treatment.

I would encourage anyone who hasn’t tried this therapy to contact Jamie to see how your pain can be improved.

Bemidji, MN

I have been going to Jamie for some time now to keep my hips, neck, and back in line. I have many parts that need maintenance and Jamie keeps me pain free and active. I feel so much better since Jamie has been working on me.

Northome, MN

I have a lot of cracked and crunched parts (ribs, vertebrae) and misaligned hips and Jamie's the one who can get me fixed when things get tough.

J. S.
Northome, MN

I discovered Jamie in August 2011.  She has relieved the constant pain that was located under my shoulder blade, resulting from a fall in December 2009.

I previously had tried physical therapy but that only made the pain worse so I quit that after two weeks. I thought that I was just going to have to live with the pain and go on with life the best I could.

One day at work I mentioned my dilemma to a co-worker.  I told her that I was considering massage to help relieve the pain, but I didn’t know a good massage therapist in town, especially since I didn’t just want a Swedish style massage. She told me that she knew someone going to Light Mountain Healthworks and that her friend was very happy with the results.

After one session, I wish I could say I was pain free. I wasn’t but I could tell that this was going to work. (After 18+ months of pain and muscle tension I didn't figure that I would leave pain free). My shoulder and upper back felt much looser than they had in months. Jamie also made a number of suggestions to help me get and keep my muscles so that I could maintain my posture straighter and more upright.

Because Jamie’s treatment approach is gentle I never would have believed that her myofascial therapy would be so effective.  However, my shoulder being pain free is proof of this kind of treatment!  Her methods are not painful and they are very soothing. I get very relaxed while Jamie is working on my body.

I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough. She has saved me from a life of pain and allowed me to see that there are better ways than western medicine to relieve chronic pain. I am as big a skeptic as they come - my motto is "Trust but Verify" - and Jamie has verified for me that her treatment method works.

I just want to thank Jamie for helping my body to heal and restore itself to what it should be.

My husband has started visiting Jamie, also, and he is getting better, longer lasting pain relief with Jamie's methods.

Pain free and loving it!

D. A.

Bemidji, MN

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